Cloud Engineering AWS DevOps Sr. Solution Specialist - USDC
Innovative and world-recognized company delivering solutions to aerospace and defense industry leaders seeks Material Handling Engineer to support provisioning to the space, missile defense and strategic systems, tactical systems and armaments areas. Duties: *** Review and approve new and existing material handling instructions, and input and maintain material handling instructions for program ...
Seeking 3+ years background in the maintenance and repair of CNC machinery and PLCs. Working with a line of horizontal and vertical cutting and sawing machining centers as well as vertical lathes and bridge mills, this individual shall install, troubleshoot and repair: Precision programmable multi-axis CNC saws for metal, wood, plastic, and stone applications and saw cooling and control systems...
Distributor of automated machines seeks individual with hands-on machine repair, PLC logic troubleshooting, and background testing electrical and electronic systems for automated equipment. Why this is exciting: *** Work directly with a team of experienced technicians and engineers to install, repair, tune, set-up, and upgrade state-of-the-art automated balancing machines. *** Company has custo...
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